About EMG Accounting Plus

More than just number crunching…

Anyone who has experienced financial pressure knows intuitively that managing your money, or running a business is not just a physical journey; it is an emotional journey.

Being given a spreadsheet and told that the trick to being profitable is to “simply spend less than you make” is of little comfort when you feel your whole life is just exchanging time for dollars.

An accountant should be more than just a detached number cruncher. Your accountant should be a lifetime trusted advisor who helps you mentally, physically and emotionally align with what you truly want. They should turn worry into relief, help restore your enthusiasm, and protect your passion.

If you’re looking for someone to “just do the books” that doesn’t really care about you or your business, then may we politely suggest that we would not be the right accountancy practice for you.


Our career satisfaction comes from knowing that we have a positive impact on people’s lives. Our clients are important to us. They are not just seen to be, or treated as little more than numbers on a profit and loss statement. They are real people – people with hopes, fears, goals and aspirations. They are people we look upon as our friends and extended family.

We want to do the best by them, and sincerely hope we’ll be the right match, so that we can do the best by you.