I came to Claire @ EMG Accounting Plus Pty Ltd with an absolute nightmare of a scenario. The team at EMG Accounting Plus Pty Ltd worked hard to deliver the best outcome for myself. Their professionalism and outstanding performance, as well as up to date information has been invaluable to myself and my family.

I cannot put a price on the help they have provided and I am more than happy to refer anybody to EMG Accounting Plus for all their accounting needs.

Thomas Bishop

Ganthalha Enterprises

I cannot recommend Enid and her amazing Team at EMG Accounting highly enough. Our business account was in quite a mess due to major shortfalls with the previous accountant. Enid was strongly recommended by two business acquaintances who also had concerns with their previous accountants, and who changed over to EMG.

Enid and her Team have been looking after us for three years now and we know that all our accounts are managed ethically, above legal reproach and with total professionalism and good humour !!

EMG will be our accounting firm until one of us retires 🙂

Michele Venables
Ganthalha Enterprises


Enid Ginbey and the team at EMG Accounting Plus Pty Ltd have been assisting and preparing our business and personal tax requirements for the past eight years. Enid is extremely knowledgeable in taxation and financial matters and is always available to relay this information in a way that is easy to understand.

I highly recommend Enid Ginbey to any prospective clients who are requiring a professional, ethical and caring Accountant.

Mark and Pamela Bond


We are writing to express our complete satisfaction with the services provided by Enid. We are extremely impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and her friendliness. She takes a lot of time and effort going through the details and certainly we appreciate her every help. She is a great pleasure to work with and we cannot thank her enough for the service she has provided us over the years.

Jumna and Sunder Ramiah

Financial Planning Manager

I have been doing business with Enid from EMG Accounting Plus for many years now, and I can always rely on EMG Accounting to look after me and my clients.
I currently do and will continue to refer my friends and clients to EMG Accounting.

Will Walker
Financial Planning Manager

Cooee CrossFit

We’ve been a client of EMG Accounting since 2011 for our business taxation purposes. In the past financial year we’ve transferred our bookkeeping to EMG and in the past 6 months have worked closely with Enid and Kaajal to define and maintain up-to-date P&L and Cashflow reporting on a monthly basis. We’ve also learnt an incredible amount about the intricacies of business accounting from Enid, who has a wealth of knowledge and incredible patience in explaining all to us! The work that EMG has done has enabled us to have a much clearer picture of exactly where we are on a month-to-month basis for Cooee CrossFit and to plan and budget accordingly. Most importantly, it has also enabled us to be in a position at the end of this financial year where we can put strategies in place to minimise our tax and not have any nasty surprises like previous years!

Kirsten & Match Murphy

Briskleen Supplies Pty Ltd

I have been using EMG Accounting Plus Pty Ltd for the past three years and have found all of the staff easily contactable.  EMG Accounting Plus Pty Ltd are always available and attend to all matters promptly, in a friendly and very professional manner.  EMG Accounting Plus Pty Ltd make the business side of my life so easy and worry free, as I know that I can rely on them at any time as they are only a phone call away.

Geraldine Collins
Briskleen Supplies Pty Ltd

International Beef Jerky {RoadKill}

It is rare for me to offer a “Testimonial” in relation to people I do business with. However, it is easy when you have absolute confidence and trust in a company and its people. When you have that much faith in your accountant, you feel very blessed indeed. My relationship with EMG Accounting Plus Pty Ltd is now in its seventh year.

Enid Ginbey and her team have worked closely with me throughout a period of both good times and tough times and we have experienced steady but controlled growth.

It has also been pleasing to watch as EMG Accounting Plus Pty Ltd have grown and expanded as well.

Enid is one of those very special people who do really care for you and your business needs. She is very well read and keeps up to date with her professional knowledge and the latest trends and requirements that affect us all.

Enid has an excellent eye for detail and is always quick to see opportunity that may present itself for her company and her clients as well.

Anyone in business looking for that “edge” which is brought about by having an extremely competent CPA no matter how small or large you may be, would do well to meet her, and her team of professionals.

Richard Morris
International Beef Jerky {RoadKill}